Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year! New Challenges!

Dear all,

I wish you a Happy New Year. 
I'm wishing you what I want for myself. 
A lot of health, happiness, joy, new handmades, and helping those who needs....

I want to share with you a beautiful story, a story of Prava Šapa ( a True Paw), a story about a group of people who help and rehoming the abandoned and stray cats in Zagreb, Croatia.

Photo by Prava Šapa

Prava Šapa is not a formally registered charity but a voluntary group of individuals aiming to help the abandoned cats and finding them homes. They have independently organised themself into a friendly community in which, apart from the cats in their care, they also provide mutual help and support to each other. They rescue kittens and adult cats, place them in foster homes, ensur veterinarian check and treatment and try to find good homes for them. More about Prava Šapa you can find HERE

Perica & Melica photo by Prava Šapa

Touched by their care and love for cats, I decided to donate 2$ from every sold doll/toy from my shop to Prava Šapa. 
Take a peek at my Etsy shop, you might find something you like and support this great people.

I present you CAT Ninja - handmade toy, made specially for Prava Šapa. 
From every sold toy 10$  goes to Prava Šapa. 
And don't forget, be kind to humans and animals :)

Zrinka xoxo

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