Monday, March 18, 2013

New :: GIVEAWAY ::

It's time for an 800+ facebook fans GIVEAWAY!!!!

Let me present to you the new Mini Little Miss doll
Every doll is one of a kind. They are 24 cm / 9 1/2" high, made from cotton, felt, filled with polyfil.
Perfect for little hands, ideal for playing and cuddling.

How do you get one of these cuties?
It's easy - just show me how much you love Owlsandco.

How to do it?
1. Send me a photo of you/your kid with Owlsandco. toy or bib
2. Make a photo with Owlsandco. inscription/sign - with nutella on pancakes, with lipstick on mirror...
It's up to you!

Three (3) best pictures I choose will get one of these Mini Little Miss dolls (each).

The giveaway starts on Monday, March 18, 2013 and ends on Friday, March 22, 2013 at noon.

I'll choose the winners on Friday afternoon.

All the photos will be put in the Giveaway album on FB so everyone can see them.

Send your photos till 12:00 CET to my email:

Don't forget to write your FB name, real name, address and email.

If you want, you can share this GIVEAWAY with your friends.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Everybody needs a Superhero or two....!

Look at this two little Superheroes. 
Aren't they sweet. I made them for a big brother and his little sister. 
Just love when my customers say: 'I would like red, green and yellow for a girl. But you have open hands, I trust you, you'll do the best combination.'

Oh, just love it. I already know what to do.

For a Little Erin, I made this super cool red doll. With 'E' on her cape.
She'll be one in May, so I sew cape and belt to the doll.
Can't wait to see pictures of her with her B-day present :)

And for a little guy, I made this DJ Superhero.
With an 'N' on his cape, N as Noa. 
Need to ask if he already uncover his superpowers ;)

Have a great weekend.

Zrinka xoxo

PS. Next week I'm having a giveaway on my facebook page, so do not miss a chance to grab yourself a doll :)