Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good Bye Summer..... Hello September :)

Hello All of You :)

Finally, after long time we have rain here in Zagreb. 
And temperatures finally drop down... Yeah!

August is coming to an end. And anything is coming back to normal. 
I love august, it's my birthday month, so I'm thinking about some sale codes for my etsy shops ;) Links are here on right side ->

And this year my Little Mr. M is going to kindergarden for a first time, so I'm happy cause it means more time for sewing and working, but also I'm sad - we have to apart after this remarkable 3 years ( where all that time left??!!) being together all the time.

I was enjoying this together time ( my husband is a school teacher, so we have almost 2 months of family time), so I didn't have much time to sewing and doing, but I have few great ideas/projects that I would love to share with you.
For a start I make several zipper pouches, only two left, you can find them in my Owlsandco. Etsy shop.

And this year I won't be taking custom orders. You'll have to wait after Christmas.
Maybe, if I'll have time, will have a few custom spots around beginning of november ( so stay tuned ).

I'll start making new dolls in a week or two, and you'll can get them via my Shop.
All of you from Croatia, it will be able to get them via postal service, as usual.

Have a nice sunday :)

Zrinka xoxo

PS. Still waiting for 1000+ friends on Facebook to make a super BIG giveaway

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