Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NEW product release - BURP CLOTH

:: DROOLY :: bib got little sister - BURP CLOTH ;)

If you got one of mine bibs (known as Drooly or Slindravac) you know what I'm talking about. Best bib you'll ever have ;) - not just because it's mine, they are the best absorbent bibs I ever used.

When this guy was little he had reflux, so all around him was mess :(
In that time I'd never find cloth or diaper 'strong' enough to keep my shoulders clean.

Few years after, it seems as a good idea to offer good looking and useful burp cloth, that mach my bibs. So here they are Owlsandco. bib + burp cloth set

In this SET you get:

Bibs and burp cloths for the modern baby/toddler! 
Wonderful gifts for a baby shower or use for your own little one, packed in gift box.

The front is a 100% cotton.
The back is a super absorbent terry.
Bibs measure approx. 6" x 13"/ 15 x 33 cm
Burp cloths measure approx. 11" x 9"/ 30 x 24 cm
Bib around neck: 11"-14"/ 30-37 cm
Cotton fabric in front. 
Terry toweling in the back. 
Two snaps for better fitting. 
Cotton fabric in front. 
Terry toweling in the back. 

And all that in this fancy box with a Hello Baby/ DobrodoŇ°la Bebice tag, ready to give it as a gift too.

Enjoy your day.
21 days/12 hours/21minutes till Christmas ;)