Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Waiting for the Spring...

Little Miss Tia by Owlsandco.

Well it's been quite around here lately.
You know, every new year resolution is about to start blogging a bit more, blah-blah... well, never happened.
I was thinking to show you my Christmas handmades, cookies and lot's more... but nop.
Nothing. Kids were sick, and I was, and kids again.... this is a horrible winter, can't wait for spring.

But despite situation I manage to make all orders, and start something new.


In january, my new Janome Horizon arrived. Yay! And I was able to start something I want for a long time - Quilting.
At first, I finally finished my friend's wedding quilt ( she married two years ago ) - sorry Hana. And when I want to take a photos of it, it was so windy...


So, this is the best DH & me could make....


And as he is such a great support, I made him a Valentine gift ( here, in Croatia this isn't much of a holiday ), but he deserve it.


I started to add photos to my flickr account  - Owlsandco. , so you can take a peek there to. 

Enjoy your day, 

Zrinka  xx