Monday, April 7, 2014

New - Placemats for cheer Up your morning!

Placemates - All...

This is something I want to make for a long time. After those Christmas placemats I made, we need something shiny and bright for our table.

Placemat - Red, Yellow and Purple

And I choose to make it in different colors, just as everybody like.....

Placemates - All

With purple for my little girl:
Placemat - Red, Orange & Yellow

For my little Mister:

Placemat - Blue and Green

For DH:

Placemat -  Green and Bue

And for me:
Placemat -  Orange, Pink & Red

This is not listed in my shop, as I made it for our personal use, but I'll be glad to take orders if you'll be interested. Just sent me a mail: owlsandco(at)

You can take a look at all photos at flickr.

Have a nice day,
Zrinka xoxo

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quilt #1


you know how people say, when you are close to 40th Bday, you start doing silly things. Like buy a new sport car, get new boobs ;), find a lover.. or something like that. Well, I'm not 40 yet ( will be 39 this summer ) but clock is ticking.....
And last year I decide to start quilting, after all great pages I came across, and all wonderful handmade items I decide to take this adventure...

At first I was start with a quilt for a doll's bed, then a pillow. I was dreaming of a quilt for my little girl, but can't decide which pattern to choose.
About that time my IG friend Krista ( ) was looking for someone to test her quilt pattern. She was so kind to let me try, thank you dear. And she limited time, to the middle of march, that makes me start working as fast as I can, with two kids aside.

I want to make a quilt with a dark grey, so I take trip to a local store. Not much to choose here in Zagreb, but at least you can find great solids. And I mix it with some lu summers, m.miller, rebekah ginda... I want it to be bright.

I'm ready @sewwhatscooking  #soontobeaquilt

Well enough story telling, let's look at finished quilt.
It's not perfect, it's not as easy as it seems in books and youtube but it's my Quilt #1.
And most important my little girl love it. She took it till her pony-unicorn-pink-purple quilt will be done ;)

Quilt by OwlsandCo

Quilt by OwlsandCo

Quilt by OwlsandCo

Quilt by OwlsandCo

You can find this great Star Crossed Pattern by Four Robbin Designs via - HERE
And stop by at Krista's page:, she have great cooking tips too.

You can find this quilt photos on Craftsy too.

Once more, thanks Krista!

Have a nice weekend!