Monday, April 7, 2014

New - Placemats for cheer Up your morning!

Placemates - All...

This is something I want to make for a long time. After those Christmas placemats I made, we need something shiny and bright for our table.

Placemat - Red, Yellow and Purple

And I choose to make it in different colors, just as everybody like.....

Placemates - All

With purple for my little girl:
Placemat - Red, Orange & Yellow

For my little Mister:

Placemat - Blue and Green

For DH:

Placemat -  Green and Bue

And for me:
Placemat -  Orange, Pink & Red

This is not listed in my shop, as I made it for our personal use, but I'll be glad to take orders if you'll be interested. Just sent me a mail: owlsandco(at)

You can take a look at all photos at flickr.

Have a nice day,
Zrinka xoxo

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