Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday, at last!


No, really... not just saying like that.

This was a terrible week. 
First my oldest cat have to go to vet on monday morning (and every day after that). 
In the afternoon I went to hospital with little Miss. She got swollen knee, doctors even talk about operation. But luckily all went well.
And we neutered our doxie on wednesday......

Gita & Martin
Gita & Martin

And now, let's talk about something nice. 
After a long, long time I took a few days off, and went with kids to my parents country house, near Zagreb. Just love it. This is place where I almost grow up.
I can write you a song about it, but instead I'll show you some pictures ;)

In the garden

They are helping....

Love it...

Martin and Grandad
Joy Ride

Potato goes in....
Potatoes with Barbie

House on the tree


Little Miss


Gita and Granny
with her beloved Granny

We had a such a great time. 

Zrinka xx

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