Thursday, November 12, 2015

My happy place

Hello friends,

Want to share with you new part of my page, My Happy Place.
It's another blog, but more personal, and mostly my card making and planner addicted site.
I kept same Owls and Co name, because I couldn't figure out any better - if you have any idea, please, write is down ;)

Also I become a member of Jane's Doodles designer team. Yay!
I know Jane for a few years now, been to few of her workshops ( Jane, make one this year too. Please!!) and love her stamps. Go and take a look.
She lives in Zagreb, so shipping will be low if you order it from Croatia.

I will post some card here once in a while, but if you are interested in whats new, please go to My Happy Place page.

And now it's time to get ready for 'C' day.
My order book for dolls, toys, bibs, tethers and baskets is still OPEN!!
Just mail me.
Hurry if you want handmade personal Christmas gift.
Take a look at my SHOP, maybe you find something Ready-to-ship.

Hope to see you soon :)
Enjoy this lovely 'spring' weather.


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