Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last Year's work

Just when you think Christmas time is over... I decided to write this post.
As always, I don't post here much ( every year I promised myself I will change it, but as you see - everything is the same ).

I'll share with you few of my last year's items I was working on.

First a few cards I sent to my friends and family. 
As you may see on my Facebook or Instagram, I become a part of Jane's Doodles team member ( Thank Jane ). Making card is something that relaxing me and give me some 'me' time. 
This Christmas I finally sent some good looking/made with love season's cards.

I was really enjoying making them... Love this one with Mr. Snowman

Festive Kitty was sent to my parents, my Little Miss G. decided that way..

This tiny mouse is so sweet!

What is Christmas without red and gold.

I didn't forget how to sew... just in case you wondered ;)
I just don't have much time for it at this moment.
Made red and with quilt for a friend. 

And a set of pot holders for Little Miss's teachers.

And I'll finish this post with cookies. 
Kids and I made this Christmas loads of gingerbread cookies ( still have few left ).

So at the end, I'm wishing you Happy 2016.
Lots of love and cookies!


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