Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Holidays

Hello my dear friends!

Summer holidays just started here in Croatia. I really, really hope that I will have more time to play with paper and stamps. Hubby will be home more so he'll be handling kids part of the day.  And we'll be finishing hockey season next week. Yay!

Last week was a mess. 
Gita ends first grade. There was Garden fair in the school and she was choosen as the bigest school's gardening star ;)

In the middle in stripe t shirt

And we have school's cosmetics section.
So girls selling their products. 

Little Miss in the middle

And Martin had a little surprise party in his kindy. He goes to a special kindy - for kids with speech problems. They were so excited... They sing few songs for us. This make me cry, when I see how much they done for him. 

Martin playing drum ( in orange shirt )

Hope that summer will be great. That we'll be having fun. We planned few trips, but we'll see...

I'll be out of my workshop 17th june till 5th july. My Etsy shop will be closed in that time. But I'll be on my mail/facebook/instagram if you'll need anything. 

That is all for today. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Wohooo praznici!!! :o) Čestitke tvojim klincima. Ajme, zlatna lopata. Kak je to super. I još i prirodna kozmetika. <3
    Čestitka ti je predivna. Ja uopće ne volim rozu boju, ali ponekad me obara s nogu, a to je i sad. :o) Uživaj!

    1. Još malo pa i na more krećemo. Onda su oni 'pravi' ;)

    2. Baš mi je drago da ti se sviđa ova roza. Ovu sam po narudžbi radila.